Hurricane - POD exercise - April 22, 2017

Post date: Apr 19, 2017 12:13:10 AM

In the continuing effort to provide pertinent and relative training, SCC CERT will have a Mandatory POD III Exercise this Saturday (April 22, 2017) starting at 9:00 AM until about 1pm.

This exercise will take place at the United Methodist Church on Del Webb. The same location as our monthly meeting.

This is the Hillsborough County EOC official POD III location.

We waited to notify you to simulate what would happen if a POD needed to be open after a hurricane etc.

More than likely you would have less than 24 hours notice to respond.

We will be training in conjunction with members of the United Methodist Church. They also distribute food after a disaster.

All SCC CERT members shall wear their CERT vests, CERT cap and closed toed shoes.

You should bring water and have sun screen. It should be in the low 70's with a high in the upper 80's.

In addition, You should also bring two cases of water and a case of paper towels, napkins or can goods etc. Also if u have some portable chairs, bring them also

You also need paper and pencil/pen.

We need these supplies for the simulation exercise. These items will be returned to you after the exercise.

I believe this will be a valuable exercise and you will enjoy it.

I hope to see you Sat morning at 9:00!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Ira at home, 813 922-6752