SCC Emergency Squad Plan

2013 SCC EMS Plan:

(changes underlined)

720 Ray Watson Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33573 emergency phone: 813-634-3800 —- Non-emergency: 633-1411

Chief: Noreen Schramm website:

Asst : Jan Huber, EMT


The Sun City Center/Kings Point community is not in an evacuation zone. Residents are encouraged to shelter in their homes unless they have special medical needs.

The Squad Chief shall be the Disaster Chief in charge during any emergency. In the absence of the Squad Chief, the Deputy Chief will be in charge unless the Squad Chief has specifically provided by written directive that someone else is in charge. If the Squad Chief is in charge then the Deputy Chief will split duty shifts and assignments with the Squad Chief.

The Purchasing Agent is responsible to have on hand necessary supplies and materials to operate from the Squad Building for several days.

This includes: Food, water, medical supplies, laundry for vehicles, vendor supplied fuel for vehicles.

The Assistant Chief of Public Affairs will at the time of the disaster be the only person authorized to provide information to the media or other agencies which are not a part of the EOC operation. The Assistant Chief of Public Affairs information will only come from the Disaster Chief.

Director of Dispatchers shall make sure information records are being maintained on all calls for service both emergency, transport and non-emergency.

He/she shall assist the Captain if necessary in arranging for additional dispatcher personnel as needed.

Manager of Vehicle Maintenance and the Deputy Chief shall make sure all vehicles and station generator are in operable condition and personnel are available to maintain the equipment during the emergency.


The Day Duty-Team and its “sister” team will be activated.

All ambulances and vans will be staffed with normal crews during the emergency.

Personnel will be assigned to a specific vehicle and will remain with that vehicle until relieved by other personnel.

All ambulances and vans will be used within Sun City Center unless a request is received from EOC for assistance.

If request for assistance is received no more than two ambulances will be available or sent.

Two ambulances, two vans, captain car and Chief’s car will remain in Sun City Center.

The Chief’s car may be used to shuttle replacement crews to other locations.


Sun City Center Emergency Squad no longer maintains a list of Special Needs persons within living within greater Sun City Center.

Persons with Special Needs must register with Hillsborough County prior to the start of the hurricane season.

Forms for registering are available at the Office of the Sun City Center Emergency Squad.

Prior to hurricane season meet with our counterparts in Amateur Radio, Security Patrol, CERT and Kings Point Security to make sure all systems are ready. The EMS radio team will ensure that the 800MHz radios and other gear are fully-functioning. All ambulances will be fueled; if necessary by HCFR Engine 28.

Hurricane landfall day, only the team on duty and the sister team will report to the Squad Building to be sure all vehicles will be manned. They should have no duties other than to respond to emergencies. Once sustained winds reach 35 miles per hour, all vehicle response will cease. All team members will remain in quarters until storm winds are less than 35 mph. When the storm has passed and sustained winds are below 35 miles per hour, conditions permitting, regular responses will be resumed. Other teams will be on call; as relief personnel.

Day following hurricane, team on duty and the members of their sister team should report to the Squad Building for duty. People may have to be picked up at shelters and returned to their homes; patients from the hospital will need to go home. Once these jobs are completed, the sister team may go home.


Most hazardous materials spills involving tanker or box trucks do not require evacuation of people. It is possible that a truck accident on 1-75, US-301, SR-674 or 19th Avenue might require a limited evacuation of people from their homes depending on wind conditions. If an evacuation is required we would take our direction from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue and would only be involved with moving patients from the "cold zone". The Sun City Center Emergency Squad does not have the training or equipment to be involved in either the ''warm zone" or the "hot zone" of a hazardous materials spill.

If you see an accident involving a tanker truck or box truck be careful to observe for any smoke or fumes coming from the vehicle. If smoke or fumes are present DO NOT APPROACH THE VEHICLE. If it has a diamond placard on the vehicle or a rectangular 4 digit number try and obtain that number without exposing yourself. Notify Fire Rescue directly by cell phone and give them as much information as you can. Move all personnel and vehicles at least 1000 feet from the vehicle involved in the accident and wait until a Fire Rescue engine or ladder arrive. If the vehicle is on fire move your vehicle at least 1/4 mile away and block traffic in your lane. Wait for Fire Rescue.

Take your directions from the officer or paramedic in charge. You should only be treating/transporting patients that have been decontaminated to the hospital. If en-route to the Hospital you find additional contamination, when you arrive at the Hospital, the driver should go inside and report your findings to the charge nurse or doctor. DO NOT TAKE a contaminated patient into the Hospital until the charge nurse or doctor are aware of the situation and have instructed you to move the patient into the Hospital.

Note: These plans are written for the use of members and may be modified by the leadership without notice at any time.

Emergency and Disaster information

Sun City Center, Florida 33573

replace directives issued by County, State, or Emergency Plans.